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Here we are at edition 100 of our uninterrupted weekly podcasts. To celebrate this important milestone, we are bringing you a true legend and integral part of electronic dance music history. We are over the moon to welcome on board the one and only Orlando Voorn! We are sure you will love the exclusive set he supplied to us as much as we did, so as usual, please make sure to show your support with likes, comments, and shares on our Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages. Check our label releases, now available exclusively on our Bandcamp page. Link in bio.
Tracklist and downloads
Orlando Voorn is one of the first Dutch musicians to establish a vital connection between Detroit and Amsterdam in the early 90’s. He has long been recognized as one of the Netherland’s most original and ingenious producers in the world of electronic dance music. Voorn began DJing at the early age of 12 years old and later went on to win the Dutch DMC DJ Championship 1986. Surprisingly Voorn placed 1st in the Dutch competitions 1986 & 1987 for Holland which placed him in the world championships of DMC twice in the United Kingdom where he came in 3rd place 86 and 5th place 87 spinning with his own characteristic blend of hip hop, and electro music'.
Subsequently Voorn made a name for himself under the alias "Frequency" with a classic label known as Lower East Side Records with titles such as "Where is Your Evidence” “Kiss the Sky” and “Industrial Metal”. As a result of these tracks Voorn was introduced to Juan Atkins and they later started to collaborate & produce tracks together at Voorn's home studio where he remixed “Industrial Metal’ while Juan tweaked the sounds to make them come out of the speakers a little more pulsating. Atkins & Voorn worked extraordinarily well together and Juan taught Orlando how to merge the sounds as well as how to change the standards of conventional productions.
Soon after they would join forces and produce the well know track called "Game One" which became a classic record on Atkin’s label “Metroplex” and later it reprised on Voorn’s imprint “Nightvision” double CD Compilation 1996. In that same time span Voorn had met Blake Baxter and collaborated for the infamous ESP Records and under the alias "The Ghetto Brothers" they made 2 EP's with timeless classics as "Ghetto Disco" and" Ghetto Blues".
Voorn also did recordings for a legendary Detroit label “KMS” an imprint of Kevin Saunderson using yet another alias known as "Fix" where he created a dance floor destroyer track called "Flash" which remains in many DJ's crates at this moment. “Flash” became a hit in the Detroit clubs first before the record had broken out internationally. Voorn has a well know history of working with Detroits originator’s including Derrick May's imprint “Fragile” under yet another alias “Complex” entitled “Midi Merge”. Still going strong now, Voorn is still raising the bar with productions & Remixes.
1. Unknown
2. Paty Pat_ Chicago Wave
3. Paty Pat_ Distortion
4. Lil Louis _ Black out_ DJ 3000 EDIT
5. OV & Ricky Sinz_Artificial intelligence
6. OV & Paty Pat_Batman25
7. Shanghai Ultra__ Orlando Voorn remix
8. Orlando Voorn_
9. Joey Beltram_ Energy Flash
10. K1000_ Orlando Voorn Remix
11. Derek Marin_Domina effect_
12. Orlando Voorn _ Play
13. Shanghai Ultra_ _ Original mix_ Nightvision
14. Orlando Voorn _ Prev Unreleased
15. Orlando Voorn_ Monotone Solution_Btrax 2019
16. Orlando Voorn_Powersource_
17. Orlando Voorn_ Push
18. Fuse_substance abuse
19. Nighttripper_ Tone exploration
20. Norman Mether_Body to Body
21. Underground Resistance_
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