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Space Hypnose - After Earth

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Space Hypnose - After Earth EP, Released 2014-09-29, Iono Music, INM1DIGI151

Beyond our sensory capacity lies a whole new world. It is a distant dimension which can be found After Earth. It means that in order to reach it we need to be stripped off our human elements and then float through a sonic channel opened especially for us. This temporary path will remain an open portal just until we reach our final destination, until we reach our desired soundscape.

This temporal sonic voyage is driven by Space Hypnose, aka Michael Mordehayov from Israel.
His hypnotic treatments are well know across the Progressive Psy frontiers with remarkable pieces such as the EPs Back in time, The Jungle Comes Alive and his latest - Animal Instincts.

This is another milestone in the therapeutical method he developed and we know that you are in for quite a trip!

The time wormhole has just been expanded by the sonic modulation that Space Hypnose designed.
It created a special rout to that forgotten land, the one which is After Earth. It is might be considered
as a kind of Paranormal Activity which involves Static Movement. However, it is more than that; it takes both your body and mind into the wilderness of the underground layers of the beat.

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