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Saber Simulator Halloween update ???? NEW Island 67 Halloween island •????New Pets•✨New Sabers ( Bon

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Saber Simulator Halloween update ???? NEW Island 67 Halloween island •????New Pets•✨New Sabers ( Bonk )

Collect candy around the bottom island or kill the NEW Halloween boss for candy also to buy the new pets from island 67 Halloween island

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Hi Guys It's ThorinCW Here And Welcome Back! In This Video We Go Over the new Update Double Luck Event, there is a New Island , New Egg, New pets and Sabers Make Sure To Watch The Whole Video.

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Welcome to Saber Simulator!

⚡ Train your character by swinging your sword and gathering strength.
???????? Use strength to fight other players.
???? Sell your strength for coins and upgrade your character in the shop.
???? Try to get to the top of the leaderboards!

TIERS: There is now a slight chance of hatching golden, rainbow, and void tier pets from eggs!
-Golden = 10%
-Shiny = 1%
-Rainbow =
-Void =

Latest Update: [Update 48????]:
- Collect candy corn to unlock the Egg on Halloween Island!

- 10x CROWNS Event continues!
- 5x Strength Event continues
- Halloween Island has 9 new Pets to unlock!
- New saber added to the shop (Bonk)

Updates every Friday at 10 PM PST!

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