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Rik Marston Suburban Meteorite Hunter Episode 4 Comet Asteroid Meteor

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#meteorite #meteorites #rikmarstonsuburbanmeteoritehunter
Rik Marston - Suburban Meteorite Hunter Episode 4
"Open Sky Dreams""
Meteorite Series & Music by Rik Marston
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Rik Marston - Suburban Meteorite Hunter Episode 4
"Open Sky Dreams" Outskirts of town produces a nice little weathered stone meteorite & a nature walk turns into
"My Secret Place"! Two FANTASTIC Florida Specimens!!!!!

Yes I hunt for meteorites as a hobby & I buy them from
professional IMCA meteorite dealers across the world.
Looking for rocks from space is a challenge & very hard
on your body. But the mystery of "What will we find?"
can become intense. Most cases we come home with nothing
or worse: MAN MADE SLAG. But the drive for meteorite hunters
& collectors is eternal. It's in our souls. To touch SPACE itself.
- Or as close as most of us are going to get in our lifetimes!
Take a look at RAW mission footage from the hunts & final
specimen results of finds from hunts July to mid September 2019!
Home made until I can get a bigger budget! It will get better!
Also looking for academics & sponsors to get this series moving!

Music from the upcoming CD "33" by Rik Marston
"Reincarnation" - Series 1 Techno Theme Song!
"Last Days On Earth"
"My Secret Place"
"Dreams Of Alchemy & Astrology"
"Arrival Of The Angels"
"Magic Waves"
(C)2019 Rik Marston / Ambient Chill Zen Records

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