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Push (Pushin' on funk on steroid mix)

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Listen this track on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/elettramusic/efzoo-push-pushinon-funk-on/s-OmTKN

Artist: EFZOO
Title: Push (Pushin' on funk on steroid mix)
Catalogue: ELM006
Genre: Techno
Release date: September 21, 2019

We are facing an eclectic EP, certainly the most eclectic in the history of Elettra Music. "Housewife in LSD" by EFZOO gathers 3 tracks, different in genre and inspiration: all begins with the fragmented techno of "Space One", with samples of sounds coming from space and the voice of Roberto Vittori (who speaks from the ISS, during the Marco Polo mission in 2002), then passing through the obscure and hypnotic minimal of the homonymous track (we challenge you to find the original video from which the vocal sample is taken.. a small suggestion: the track title was not chosen randomly!), to finally arrive at the electronic funk of "Push", made with the affectionate contribution of good musicians friends.

Who we are

We welcome everything that comes from the electronic sound, not necessarily synthetic, certainly Techno but not only, considering all the possible influences and contaminations. We produce sounds that we consider close to us, in which we recognize or intrigue us. We take care of our productions as if they were our children, accompanying each track from conception to debut, nurturing it with love and dedication to the music we have gathered over years of experience. We essentially produce music that we like.

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Send your demos to demoelettramusic@gmail.com

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