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PITCH MUSIC & ARTS | Teaser 2020

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Together with Builders Club, I worked on creating a world of synthetic nature - to initiate momentum around the launch of Pitch Music and Arts 2020 - an electronic music & arts festival in the Australian bush, near Melbourne.

We used 3D scans and showed them from a close-up view to create a strong graphic language. We colour-coded the 3D worlds in green and red tones. Throughout the imagery - we hint at solid and liquid amber, which is typically found in the landscape around the festival. Inspired by the digital arts influence of the festival - we injected synthetic materials in our nature worlds to pay tribute to the fusion of nature and technology.

Finally - our imagery was used by the Pitch festival team to create seasonal posters, an engaging website and lineup announcements on social media. Our images are also part of the arts programme of the festival.

Directed by Builders Club
Digital Art by Builders Club
Music: ATEQ (Giegling)

Теги: 3d, c4d, redshift

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