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'PANTERA' | A Synthwave and Retrowave Mix

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▼ Track List:
CJ Burnett - Dark Skies
Overvad - Sky Runner
James the Deranged - Assault
FRACTAL MAN - A Fleeting Moment
Sleen Mp - Frontal Assault
Auro - Draven
Nathan Hales - Midnight Stranger
Eightecs - Wish
DXO - Tokyo Desire
Turbo Cobra - Purple Sky
SuslovvV - Test Drive
Psychevision - First Target
Arctic Mega Defender - Rising From the Arctic Abyss
Johnny Rehab - The Remaining
NOGYMX - Altered Beast
Piyush Pati - NEON HIGHWAY

▼ Artwork:
Javier Oquendo

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Submission Requirements:

✖✖ Audio & Visual - Must be Synthwave, Vaporwave, Retro Electro, Cyberpunk ("80's Genre")
✖✖ Audio - Please specify the genre on submission
✖✖ Please provide all your social media links for description.

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