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Yo What Is Up Guys Itz Vortex Here And Welcome To Another Video. In This Video We Go Over Update 65 In Bubblegum Simulator! There Is A New Egg! A Brand New Season! And So Much More Make Sure To Watch The Whole Video :O

✉️ ---------------SOCIAL INFO-------------- ✉️
My Discord Server:
Become A Member:

???? ------------ROBLOX INFO------------ ????

Roblox Profile:
Roblox Group:

???? UPDATE 65 ????
???? New Egg (Split Egg) - Find it in the Shadow Realm here for 4 weeks!
???? 12 New Pets
????️ Season 15 is here!
????️ Collect all the rewards before the season ends!
???? New +2,000 Pet Slots gamepass!
???? +200 Inventory Slots for EVERYONE!
???? 900M Egg here for 2 more weeks!

???? Christmas Portal has appeared and the land is starting to be covered in snow!
???? We will not be updating until December 4th, when we drop our MASSIVE Christmas Event. Stay tuned! (We will still do luck events until then)

???? UPDATE 64 ????
???? 900M Event, thanks for playing the game ❤️
???? New Event Egg (900M Egg)
???? 12 New Pets
✨ ???
???? Event shop has been restocked (Including pets!)
???? Trading Optimizations (no more lag from lots of pets!)
???? Fall Event has been removed
???? 1 more week left in the Halloween event! Make sure you collect all the pets!
???? Playing on "Low Detail" mode removes particles from egg hatching (community requested)

???? UPDATE 63????
???? Part 2 of the Halloween Event is here!
???? Event shop has been restocked!
???? New pet in the event shop!
???? New Egg (Costume Egg)!
???? 11 new Pets!
✨ ???
????️ Season 14 is here!
⚔️ Competitive leaderboards are back!

???? Halloween has come to Bubble Gum Simulator!
???? Go through the portal to the spooky new area…
???? New currency: Treats!
???? 3 new Eggs!
???? TONS of new Pets!
???? ???????
???? Limited-time event shop!
✨ Earn exclusive event rewards by completing challenges!
???? Complete the Halloween pass to unlock limited-time prizes!
???? Special Halloween Spin To Win for event pets, boosts, and more!
???? Trick or Treat! Visit houses in the event world to get special items!
???? New ‘Event’ sort option so you can find your event pets easily!

???? New Auto Collect pass - automatically collects big reward chests!
???? ‘Rarity’ sort option now shows secrets at the top
???? All-currency multipliers now work for Crystals too

???? UPDATE 60????
???? New Fruit Egg! (Void Area)
???? 9 new pets!
???? 2 ????
✨ New shop items in the Underworld!
???? 2 new gums (Magma and Fire)
???? 2 new flavors (Spicy and Intense)
???? 2 new faces (Vampire and Stitches)

???? UPDATE 59 ????
???? Season 12 is here!
✨ Can you beat all the challenges before the Season Ends?
???? Competitive boards are BACK!
???? New Vacation Egg!
???? 9 New Pets!
???? ???
???? The Carnival event is over

???? UPDATE 58 ????
???? Part 2 of the Carnival is here!
✨ Check out the new islands, egg, and more!
???? Complete challenges on Challenge Island to earn exclusive items!
???? Collect tokens and visit Reward Island to unlock limited-time pets!
???? New egg (Stuffed Egg)
???? 11 new pets!
???? ???

???? UPDATE 57 ????
???? The Carnival has returned to Bubble Gum Simulator, bigger and better than last time!
✨ Explore the new event world with brand-new features and exclusive pets!
☁️ Unlock the event islands to access exclusive rewards and a special shop!
???? Try out the new Tile Painter minigame at the Carnival to earn currency and badges!
???? 3 new eggs (Popcorn Egg, Sugar Egg, Exotic Egg)!

⏩ New Fast Hatch gamepass: much faster hatching!
???? Auto Hatching is now FREE for everyone!
???? Delete All Unlocked is also now FREE for everyone!
???? People who owned Auto Hatch get the new Fast Hatch gamepass for free, plus 20 hours of free boosts!
???? People who owned +500 or +1000 Slots also get 20 hours of free boosts and an exclusive pet (OG Box)!

#BubblegumSimulator #ItzVortex #Roblox

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