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Megamo x Ayano (Matchmaking Mod) | Yandere Simulator

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I finally matchmade all the ten male rivals :D There's going to be a few more matchmaking videos plus another different sort of video involving the male rivals and some genderbent characters.

I tried to make the male rivals pretty similar to the original male rivals by Koumi () and Yandere Dev (). But they didn't come out looking very similar :'( But at least I was able to do something :D Overall, I think they look ok and that makes me happy :)

Some of the textures of the genderbent characters were by me and some were ones that were there in the game.

All the male rivals' hair (other than Oko's hair) was made by me using VRoid Studio ().

I cut Kuroko's and Akane's original hair to put them to the male Student Council members. Shiromo's and Ao's hair are the same as their original female versions.

This is just a mod! Kokona and Riku have been replaced by Ayano and Megamo. Megamo's hair was made using Vroid. I am not very good at these things XD The matchmaking was done in an old build.

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Pose mod was used when making this mod. Pose mod belongs to kgftbz ()

Music used in this video:

School day 1 and 2 by Only Wednesday ()
Link to Schoolday 1:
Link to Schoolday 2:

Schoolday 4 by Jayden Washi

Schoolday 7 by 吾令久為 / ALEX ()
Link to Schoolday 7:

Schoolday 8 by Ferret Entertainment

Schoolday 9 by CameronF305 ()
Link to Schoolday 9:

Old Main Menu Normal Theme V1 by Only Wednesday ()

Ayano's Old Bedroom Theme - Both Day and Night Versions by ??? (I don't know who composed this beautiful theme :'( If anyone knows, please tell me.)

The music used at the beginning of this video:
Track: Koven x ROY - About Me [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:

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