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Make A Living In The Electronic Music Industry // Behind The Beat 03 w. Tim Andresen

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In this episode of 'Behind The Beat' by Nim Sound, we are talking with Tim Andresen who has been making a living in the electronic music industry for more than two decades.
He is a man of many hats as he is both an experienced dj, a great producer, a passionate label owner and club owner of Culture Box.

So in today episode we are chatting about, amongst things, about how to make a living in the electronic music industry, how a dj residency can affect your creativity and how to get noticed as an upcoming artist in a flooded market.

Tim Andresens Favourite Plugin ➡️ https://www.spectrasonics.net/products/stylusrmx.php

In about 2 weeks, we will be posting a transcription of this interview on our website www.NimSound.com.
So if you have a question for Tim Andresen please feel free to ask it in the comments here on Youtube. We will then select the best questions and have Tim answer them on our website.

We hope you'll enjoy this very first episode of 'Behind The Beat' and don't forget to subscribe on Itunes, Spotify, Youtube or Facebook to stay up to date.


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