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Lounge Music | Lo-fi / Wave / Chilltrap | (WAVY 24/7 LIVE Radio)

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24/7 Lounge Music radio livestream lounge music featuring the best jazz lofi beats, chill lofi, wave music, study music and chilltrap. Best stream to chillout and relax to chilled beats like Wave, lofi and chill electronic music. Perfect music for all times!



What anime is the gif from?
➥ Tari Tari

What anime is the thumbnail from?
➥ Cowboy Bebop

What is Lofi Hip Hop?
➥ Its muffled and slow hip hop with a chill vibe to it.

What is "Wave'?
➥ Wave is usually a hybrid between trap and ambient music. The genre is fairly new and it's not fully official just yet. We are trying to make Wave an official genre by sharing this genre on YT and other platforms.

How many tracks are in this stream?
➥ For now, roughly 300-500. We add more songs every month.

Do you guys have a Discord group chat?
➥ https://discord.gg/v6DPEmf

Will you ever sell merchandise?
➥ We do! Check it out at https://wavy-wear.com


⚠️Important Information!⚠️

Want to get featured in the livestream? Have any issues with us playing your music in the livestream? Message bungeefx@gmail.com and we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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