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LeBrock - Call Me (Synthwave / Retrowave)

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Добавлено от Admin В Electro house
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Very rarely do albums deliver on the promise of their title as much as Action & Romance. Fueled by ‘80s melodic rock and driven by darkened synthwave, this five-track release offers up a wealth of creative content that will satisfy even the most diehard retro fans. From the tense, synth-heavy atmosphere of "Galactic Smasher" to the introspective tone and heartfelt vocals of "Call Me," the album never backs off its commitment to high-caliber songwriting. Action & Romance rightfully kickstarted LeBrock’s career in 2016, and whether you missed it the first time or just want to revisit an instant classic, this FiXT Neon re-release is the perfect entry point to one of the most remarkable synthwave albums to date.

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