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The Mauritian maestro Ken Zo makes his triumphant return to Techgnosis Records with 'Himawari'; an incredible 5 track journey through powerful and emotive progressive crossover music. The long-awaited follow up to 2018's 'The Insignificant I', this deeply personal release yet again sets the standard for Ken Zo's brand of deep, melodic psytech.

A word from the artist:

'Himawari is the Japanese word for 'Sunflower'. The Sunflower is my own personal symbolism for meaningful and transformative life experiences I've been through when I started writing this EP in 2018. 2 years down the road, this symbolism now also represents the end of a chapter of my life. Each track in this EP is a product of raw and powerful emotions. The order of the tracks respects the chronological order in which each track was written, and so the flow of emotions is also respected - each track is also a by-product somehow of the emotion that drove me to write 'Himawari'.

Available August 13th

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