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Fundamentals of Electronic Music. Making a track from scratch | Aulart Originals.

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When was the last time you felt it????? We mean that sensation you get listening back to the track that took so much effort to compose. All those hours you spent in the studio to finally create something

☺️We want you to feel that sensation, so in our new Masterclass, you’ll learn the fundamentals of electronic music by creating a track from scratch following a step by step guide with your instructor @TimPenner

◾️ Get to grips with the foundations of creating electronic music and how you can transfer those ideas in your head to your music.

◾️ Shape your sounds and bring your track to life: break down percussion, experiment with basslines and bring about lively melodies.

◾️ Go step by step from the creative ideas to the final master: learn the structure at your own pace and finish with your own unique track.

Seize the confidence to be adventurous with your music. Get your preorder now with a 20% discount! Link here: ????

More about Aulart and other masterclass at:


#TrackFromScratch #ElectronicMusic #AulartOriginals

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