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EXTREME Whole House DECLUTTER | Moving Vlog Declutter | Downsizing For Our Next Move Episode 1

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EXTREME Whole House DECLUTTER | Moving Vlog Declutter | Downsizing For Our Next Move Episode 1- We’re moving… from our 3 bedroom apartment to a studio apartment. Downsizing is going to be hard considering everything that we’ve accumulated over the past 2 years here. I’m starting the downsize, mega decluttering process now in hopes that it will make the move to our smaller apartment MUCH easier. This moving series will carry through to the time we step foot in our new apartment, so join me as we downsize, declutter and prep for yet another TSD move. Excited to take you guys with me this time! -April

????More Extreme Decluttering:

????Social Media:
Instagram: @thesuitcasedesigner

????For Collaborations: thesuitcasedesigner@

????About The Suitcase Designer - ????????‍♀️ I'm April, this channel is a space to combine my love of interiors with my life as an ever moving expat. Life, interiors and living styles can look very different depending on where you live around the world and I hope to showcase that to you here. I currently live in South Korea with my husband and kitty. I've spent my time in Korea teaching english and only recently quit my job to follow my passion* of interior design and home cleaning & organizing on The Suitcase Designer.

*not a designer by trade, but I promise you I've never made a space look worse ????

????Where we've lived:
USA: Texas, Oregon, California, Alaska
Asia: South Korea, Bali (not lived, but spent a while traveling there)
Oceana: Australia
Next TBA

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