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Electronic Music Mix 2021

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Enjoy this electronic music mix 2021 while you remote work from home, telework, study or need to get motivation and concentrate on your task. Perfect music for remote working, this ambient music mix will provide you with motivation, concentration and all the clarity you need.

Play this background music to work to motivational music for students to study, as an ambient music in the background, while you are working or teleworking.

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???? Tracklist :

00:00 Drop That - Reversus
02:25 No Sugar Coated Love (oomiee Remix) - Tape Machines
05:27 The Illusion - Hallmore
08:07 Love Me Like A Stranger - Basixx
11:23 Be My Parachute - Basixx
14:04 Let’s Stay Up All Night - Basixx
17:37 Dreams In Color - Razorspade
20:23 Somewhere Out There - Daxten
23:46 Times Square - Onda Norte
26:47 Rattle - Catiso
30:16 Candy Land - Velee
33:11 Puzzle - Catiso
36:02 Gravity Zero - Catiso
39:12 Celebration Of Life - Tomas Skyldeberg
42:09 Souls of Times - Tomas Skyldeberg
45:13 Fireballs - Tomas Skyldeberg
48:29 Submerge - Tomas Skyldeberg
55:14 Lift Off - Killrude


How does Music affect productivity when you work from Home ?

In 2021, research carried out at University College London found that listening to music with a steady and consistent beat and not too loud helps with concentration while working. Subjects tested in environments with background music were found to get better results than those tested against background noise. We upload concentration music for studying chosen to enhance your focus and keep you working harder, for longer.

Source: Dobbs, S. et al ‘The Effect of Background Music and Noise on the Cognitive Test Performance of Introverts and Extraverts’, Applied Cognitive Psychology, : 307-313


I made a playlist of my favourite music to work :

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Electronic Background Music to work


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