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???? Electronic Music For Videos - "Forever" by KENER ????????

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???? Free electronic music for videos thanks to Kener. Enjoy it! ????

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You jumped out of my dreams
pretty eyes so white and pristine
I couldn't ask for more
than the day you came
to my door
open eyes, cos' I couldn't believe
you are right in front of me
feeling pushed but through my heart
fireworks leave right from the start

I'm on cloud nine
feeling more, feeling more than
just fine
just forget about the time
the time
cos' I want you now
and forever

???? Artist:

Kevin Cosner ???? also known as "KENER" is a young artist and producer of EDM music of different musical styles (Progressive House, Tropical House, Deep House) he started producing 6 years ago but it was not until this year that he just started releasing his songs , most of his songs are free to use as long as you credit him. He currently lives in Peru, and will be releasing many promising tracks in the future.

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