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Country House (Original) | Official Music Video | Aayush Srivastava | A Tribute to Avijit Upadhyay

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Presenting the Official Music Video of "Country House". A Tribute to Avijit Upadhyay.❤️
Country House, my Second Original is also my First English Single.

Do watch it till the end, SHARE THE VIDEO as much as possible and let more and more people know about this song. We all have worked hard on this one, now we just wish that you all give this song and the video all the love!

Avijit Upadhyay was one of my best buddies, a brilliant musician and an amazing person by nature. We lost him on the 14th of January, 2018. This song, Country House has been penned by Avijit Upadhyay which I further composed, sang and presented this video as a tribute to him.
This is for the person who believed in my self written songs. It's his lyrics and my voice and composition. What could be more beautiful ❤️.
So the song and video is going to be all about him and about a person who is in search of his freedom from all the chaos and complications in life.
The Official Audio will be available on all the music streaming platforms on the 1st of February, 2021 which is also Avijit's Birthday .

Contact for collaborations -
Email : aayushsrivastava1411@
Instagram :

How did things, break down to this
I fell asleep, at your kiss
And when I woke, saw you were gone
Why did you leave,
Why did you leave, like this

And last night, you told me how
You wanted to buy that country house
And settle down, maybe you just
Went looking for, your country house

I am still crying, everyday
If you were here, I know you would say
You would tell me that all of this isn’t the end
The love I had for you hasn’t been spent
So I’m packing all my bags
Leaving everything behind
I’m gonna find that, country house
( You told me about ) x4

( 2 )
And somethings, scare me to hell
If I forget those, things you used to tell
My lips have turned cold, since I last kissed yours
My hands didn’t felt warm, since I last touched yours

What if I can’t remember your, face anymore
What could I give just to, see you once more

It’s been months long, since that day
If you were here, were you really here
You would hold me in your arms yet once again
I’ll never leave you alone in pain

We’ll be packing all our bags
Leaving everything behind
Go and find that, country house
( You told me about ) x4

Credits :
Lyrics : Avijit Upadhyay
Director : Rahul Gunwal
Cinematography : Bhavya Chaudhary
Arranger, Composer & Singer : Aayush Srivastava
Video Editor : Luv Kushwaha
Starring : Risheek Jain, Apurv Raj, Hiba Kulsum, Ritin Sharma and yours truly.
Harmonies & Guitars : Aayush Srivastava
Publicity Design : Vishal Singh
Artwork Credits : Jaswant Saggu
Graphics : Deepanshu Kanojia
Artwork Concept : Srabani Srivastava
Paintings : Naman Vashisht
Audio Mixed and Mastered : Volume Planet Music Studio
Production : Suraabhaas Pvt. Ltd (Jitendra Srivastava)

Special Thanks (Location Courtesy)
Cambridge School , Srinivaspuri
Dr. Vivek Logani
Shri Gautam Das Gupta

Link to my first ever Original "Tere Anchal Se" :

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