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Background Music Radio - Use These Tracks In Your Videos [No Copyright Claims]

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Больше музыки на наших сайтах!


► Download Music: https://www.patreon.com/composersquad

● Become our patron and get access to all background music tracks By Composer Squad. More info to become a patron here: https://www.patreon.com/composersquad

● If you become our patron, you can use this and other tracks in your videos and monetize them. We will whitelist your channel(s) and your videos will not receive a copyright claim. You can also use and monetize these tracks on YouTube as well as Facebook, Instagram and any other site or service. You will have no copyright issues.

● As soon as you become a patron, you can download all the tracks we posted earlier as well as get access to new tracks uploaded weekly.

● Patreon is not a store. Here, patrons help and support artists like us who create new content daily.

● Patrons pay us so we're able to create music tracks. In return, they can use these music tracks in their videos or other projects. You also get access to our "whitelisting" service: you send us a URL to your YouTube channel(s) and we whitelist your channel(s) from copyright claims or strikes forever.


Here are some reasons why you should become our patron:

► We're a team of composers and music producers with over 60000 music licenses (collectively) sold to date.

► We have been creating music for media since 2009 for all kinds of projects: Commercials, TV shows, films, websites, YouTube videos, you name it!

► Our music has been featured in popular TV Shows such as "The Voice" "CSI" and many others, also in commercials for "Porsche", "Castrol" and "Yokohama" and more.

► We are composing and producing music daily, in various genres including Pop, Rock, Cinematic, Ambient, Electronic, Jazz, Hip-Hop and more.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming our patron:

► You will get instant access to extraordinary music tracks that you can download and use immediately.

► We can "Whitelist" your Youtube channel(s) so you'll never get a copyright claim or strike for using our music.

► Your patron pledge will be the only payment you'll ever have to make to use these background music tracks.



Q: Can I use this music track in my videos?

A: Yes! As soon as you become our Patron, you can download the track(s) and you're ready to use it! You will get all the music tracks that I created on Patreon. (Become my patron: https://www.patreon.com/composersquad).


Q: Will I get any copyright claims?

A: No, as soon as you become our patron, we will whitelist your YouTube channel(s) so you don' receive any claims ever.


Q: How to credit you in my video?

A: Copy & Paste the following text:

Music by Composer Squad.
Music Link: https://youtube.com/composersquad


Q: How do I contact you in case of questions:

A: You can always reach us at: composersquad@gmail.com

Background Music Radio - Use These Tracks In Your Videos [No Copyright Claims]
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Stay tuned as more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months.

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Thanks For Listening!

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